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Archive for September 2012

Cat Criminals

Furball Fables petmom and video creator Chase Holiday says: We are breaking the law in Los Angeles and we are happy about it! Read more

Best Coast - Crazy For You

In this music video, the kitties are on the other side of the camera. Read more

PA Close to Ban on Gassing of Shelter Animals

Pennsylvania is close to enacting two significant pieces of legislation that will impact the state’s shelters and animals if they become law Read more

Cute Kittens and The Power of Kawaii: Prescription for Productivity

A new study says that viewing photos and video of baby animals improves thinking skills, productivity and the ability to carefully perform tasks. Read more

New Friends

A family found and rescued 3 young kittens, then introduced them to their dogs.John Osteen writes: If you’re having a bad day, hopefully this will put a smile on your face, like filming it did mine. Read more

Many Maru 9

The internet’s favorite cat is back with a new video. Read more

Cute Sleepy Kitten

Sleepy kitten cannot stay awake. Read more

Max is Back: Cat Missing For a Year Found 200 Miles From Home

Max went missing from his Visalia, CA home a year ago and was recently found 200 miles away. Yesterday, the woman who found Max and searched for his owner brought him back to his home. Read more

Miracle Reunion Caught on Camera

A photo of a young woman reunited with her long missing cat went viral in recent days. More photos show the happy pair at home, together again after a year apart. Read more

Kitten Yoga

Little Macaroni loves vinyasa flow. Read more

Laser Kittens

Watch the fun as kittens Thunder & Monkey go crazy for the laser pointer. Bonus video: Kitten Ruffians. Read more

Spangles the Cross Eyed Kitty

An adorable kitty with a slightly off-kilter look has been seen everywhere in recent days, since his Pirate Day photo went viral. Read more

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