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Stripy and Petmom Reunited After 3 Months, a Fire and a Demolition

Stripy’s family and friends never gave up on her after the May 15 fire that separated her from them. She was spotted in the condemned building after the fire, and again during the building’s demolition on August 7.  Stripy later showed up in a neighbor’s yard and now she is back home.

  Stripy back home with Emma

Stripy’s 79 year old petmom, Emma Parody was helped by her daughter Sophia Fuhrman, who petitioned the city of Watertown, NY, the fire department and the building’s owner to search both after the fire and before the demolition. Firefighters are said to have searched shortly after the fire. A friend, Linda Holder, was arrested after breaking a window to gain access to the apartment building’s interior back in May when Stripy appeared in a window of the condemned building. We posted about Stripy on May 21, with Stripy Remains in Her Condemned Apartment Building After a Fire, and again on the day of the demolition, with Concern for Stripy the Cat Draws Crowd to Building Demolition.

Work was halted during demolition as crew members searched inside when someone in the crowd said they’d seen Stripy. She was not found and the building came down. Emma still had hope that Stripy would reappear, and that’s what she’s done. Earlier this week Stripy was found by a neighbor and returned home.

Emma told the Waterville Daily Times “I feel very happy because I got her. She’s been cuddling right up to me. She won’t leave me alone. She’s been eating good.” Stripy is thinner than before, and Emma thinks her cat remained in her burned out building for the entire time between May 15 and August 7.

Here’s video on the happy reunion.

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    August 17, 2012 7:58 pmPosted 3 years ago

    Thank God, God was looking over Stripey!
    I am so happy he made it home!!!!


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