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Formerly 30 Pound Cat Tiny Hits Weight Loss Milestone

Tiny, wearing one of the ties from his fundraiser Etsy store, at this week’s weigh in.

Proving that some grossly overweight cats can lose weight and thrive, Tiny, who weighed 30 pounds when he came to the Fredericton, NB SPCA in December, weighed in at just under 20 pounds this week. His energy level and quality of life have greatly improved, too.

Tiny’s progress is chronicled at the Tiny’s Weight Loss Challenge page at facebook.

A CBC audio report broadcast today discusses Tiny’s health and weight loss, his fundraiser Tiny’s Ties Etsy store, and his prospects for adoption.


Tiny when he first arrived at the shelter.



Tiny playing at his Valentine’s Day photo shoot, 6 weeks into his new health and fitness programme.


Tiny visits the Chicadee Cat Club Show in June.

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