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Concern for Stripy the Cat Draws Crowd to Building Demolition

We covered the story Stripy Remains in Her Condemned Apartment Building After a Fire on May 21, when family and friends were very concerned for the welfare of Stripy, a cat trapped in a Watertown, NY apartment building condemned after a serious fire.

Today that building at 239 High St, is being demolished. Because of continued concern for the cat, a crowd formed to watch the demolition, and work was halted at one point when someone said they spotted her. Crews searched but were unable to locate Stripy, and the demolition work continued.

Friends and family hold out hope that the cat will make it out alive. Demolition is expected to be completed this afternoon.

Stripy is the pet cat of 79 year old Emma E. Parody, who lost everything in the arson fire. Emma’s daughter asked the city to conduct a search before the demolition. The request was reportedly¬† denied on safety concerns based on the assessment of City Engineer Kurt W. Hauk.

Update: By 6 pm on the evening of the demolition the cat had not been found.

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    August 7, 2012 3:31 pmPosted 3 years ago
    nancy bragg

    Tues Aug 7 ’12
    This is such a heartwarming tail!!! ha ha
    it is more endearing because Hobbes, was made an honourary police dog.
    I have read 2 stories in the last week, where 3 Police K9 Officers died due to being left in Police Officer cars. 1 was in Bexar Texas, killed 2 K9 officers. In both cases the guilty were put on “administrative leave”
    I love the POSITIVE changes that have happened since Hobbes was 1st adopted!!!

    nancy bragg


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