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West Side Cats Helps Trailer Park Kittens With Broken Legs

West Side Cats rescued the young calico and tortie on Wednesday and have already set them on the path toward healing.

A woman living at a trailer park near Cleveland, OH contacted Youngstown all-volunteer no-kill rescue and adoption service West Side Cats about a pair of young kittens at the park who had bent legs.

A volunteer named Edna drove out to the trailer park to pick up the kittens, a 4 week old calico and a 7 week old tortie, on Wednesday.  While the kittens are not littermates, they are thought to be related.  Each of the girls had a bent leg, where a broken leg had begun to set in the wrong position. The calico, though young, has a callous from walking on her leg instead of her paw pad.  Neither kitten has any wounds.

Neither the woman who called from the trailer park to get the kittens help, the rescue group’s members, nor their veterinarian is able to say how the breaks occurred. They may have been accidental or intentional; no one knows.

Dr. Singh, of Animal Medical Care Center in Niles OH, works frequently with West Side Cats and makes his services more affordable for them, to help them help the cats. He agreed fo help the kittens, who went to the medical care center yesterday, and had their legs re-broken and reset and placed in little casts today. Because of the kittens youth, they are expected to heal quickly and well.

This afternoon, the group’s PetSmart coordinators were expected to pick up the kittens and take them to the group’s shelter. The kittens will go into foster care.

West Side cats, which is already paying to help other cats, has set up a ChipIn for the Broken Legged Kittens Fund. We’ve included the widget to the fund below for anyone who wants to donate, or to share the post in hopes of reaching others who may wish to help.

Kimm Koocher told us this afternoon that she plans to update the group’s Facebook page with photos of the kittens in their little casts, along with an update on them, once they are back at the shelter and settled.



Video with the kittens, before having their legs reset.


ChipIn for the Broken Legged Kittens Fund.

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    July 14, 2012 9:15 pmPosted 3 years ago
    Nancy Robison

    the vet is great!

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    December 17, 2014 10:02 pmPosted 8 months ago
    Susan Mallon

    So sorry for those kittens. However, their fate was sealed when they went to West Side Cats. This is called the “no care, slow kill” rescue in this area. Sick and dying animals get no veterinary care. Kimm Koocher brags she can cure them and even spay and neuter them herself. She was a veterinary technician with a 12 month education certificate. This is the rescue that people adopt cats from to save their lives. This is not from fear of euthanasia, but rather major suffering that never gets to a vets office. If the animal is lucky and can survive, they adopt them out to anyone that walks in the door. My friend was there and saw Kimm Koocher adopt a six week old kitten to a group of 14 year old boys who were joking that they would “feed it to their snake.” There was no parent involved, just handed them that kitten. When questioned, my friend was told that “they needed the money”. This place is a complete disgrace to the word “rescue”.

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    January 5, 2015 7:55 pmPosted 8 months ago
    Shereen Miles

    Those poor kittens would be better off left to their own devices than in the hands of Kimm Koocher and West Side Cats. EVERY PENNY donated goes into Kimm’s pocket. The animals get nothing. They are always sick, yet Kimm is buying toys with donated money. They are always begging for food and litter on FB. Yet, there is always money for Kimm and her friends to go to lunch with donated funds. Where is the IRS when you need them? Kimm is a career criminal who brags of her criminal past. This place is a canker sore in the rescue world. Kimm Koocher needs to be thrown in jail for fraud, drug selling and animal abuse.


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