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Archive for July 2012

LIVE from London, the 2012 Felympics Part 2

The big event for Shorty and Kodi in this installment is the balance beam. These announcers are catdom’s answer to the fellows from mock dogumentary “Best in Show”. Like those canine commentators, the cat callers go a bit too far and nearly take the focus off of the competitors. Read more

Lone Survivor From Kittens Taped Into Bucket Recovers In Preparation For Foster Care

A kitten who survived a terrible ordeal and escaped the sad fate of his littermates is doing extremely well at the vet and will soon go to foster care. Read more

Spider Cat

Bella’s petmom calls her a spider monkey cat thanks to this performance on the window screen. Read more

Amputee Kitten Gets a Home and a Mission as a Therapy Pet

Cricket was found screaming in a field, hurt and abandoned. In a remarkably short time, she was healthy, happy and adopted into a good home where she joins two other tripod therapy pets. Read more

Stowaway Kitten Travels 2,000 mi. From Turkey to England

Yonda crept into a transport trailer in Ankara and was not discovered until journey’s end, nine days later, at Dartford, Kent. Read more

Cat Pushes a Little Cart

How to Leave a Room

Kitty shows how it’s done. Read more

Bonded Cat and Dog Find a Home Together

Shiloh the cat and Shiner the dog were surrendered to a shelter together by their owner in June. After initially being separated they were helped by an rescue group and were adopted into a wonderful home with their foster caregiver.

Read more

Terminator the Two Legged Cat that Can

Terminator showed up on Courtney Pilgrom’s porch severely injured and in need of help and a home. She found both. Courtney tells her cat’s story here. Read more

What A Kitten Needs

Mealtime for Tank

Mama kitty supervises as Scottish Fold kitten Tank chows down on what the videographer says is his first solid meal. Read more

Funny Face

My kitty does this too when I scratch him there; he’ll even nibble my chin. Does yours? Read more

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