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Archive for June 2012

Yes, please! Mew hoo!

Leo the cat is psyched and ready for that bowl of deliciousness. Read more

Shiro and the Kitten

Shiro switches his tail and Mimi the kitten does what any kitten would do. Read more

Tater Tot, Special Needs Kitten, is Rescued

West Side Cats is caring for little Tater Tot, a special needs kitten saved in the nick of time at an auto wrecking yard, where she was suffering in a hot car.

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Lap Kittens

Doug Brown aka DrNworb’s adorable foster kittens take a break from their usual mayhem and practice being the perfect lap cats, in a beautiful video.
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Vincent Finds His Family Again After 4 Years

Luckily, Vincent did not get adopted when a shelter featured him on their Facebook page. A series of events is bringing him back to his family, now 3,000 miles away, after 4 years.

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Existentialist Cat is Back: Henri 3, Le Vet

Henri shares his existential ennui once more: “I try to tell the doctor about my depressive state and my growing disillusionment with the word, but he just checks for gumk in my ears.” Read more

Baby Kittens All Settled For The Long Awaited Bottles

Tabby triplets at feeding time.
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Mama Dog Adopts Her Deceased Kitty Sibling's Kittens

Molly grew up with the family cat Kitty Kitty and adopted her kittens after a car accident claimed the mama kitty’s life. Molly recently had puppies, and is caring for both litters. Read more

Cat Missing 3 Years Is Reunited With Family After Earthquake

Fritz went missing 3 years ago and was found after this week’s earthquake in Melbourne, Australia. He was taken to a shelter where his microchip brought him back together with his overjoyed family.
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Cat Recovers After Fall Onto Victorian Iron Garden Fence Spike

The RSPCA was called after the young tuxedo cat was found impaled on a garden fence on June 12. Spikey, as he is being called, is recovering well in foster care. Read more

Toppa the Blind Wonder Kitten

Toppa was a skinny, flea ridden little barn kitten born without eyes, who now has a good home and is adored. Read more

Thousands of Animals Saved and Adopted During Day Of No Kill At Shelters

Organizers say several thousands of animals had their lives spared and found new homes during the Just One Day voluntary moratorium on shelter killings held on June 11. Read more

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