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Archive for June 2012

Scooter: Special needs Kitten Like Corky Needs Help

Scooter is a young kitten born with twisted legs like the famous Corky. Unlike Corky, he does not have a shelter, fame and supporters to help him. We’d like to help raise his profile so he can get the help he needs.
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Kodi the Madcap Kitten and the Cat Tree

Watch Kodi’s acrobatics as he gets the hang of the cat tree and really take it out for a spin in the end. Read more

Fire and Rescue Crew Saves Kitten Trapped in Wall

Curiosity got a kitten into a jam earlier this week, but she was saved by the Animal Rescue Specialist from a Fire and Rescue Crew. Read more

Interesting Facts About Cats: Infographic

"I Are Meerkat" Cute Kitten

Cute kitten stands. Read more

Walter's Story

Walter had a cloudy eye and behavior issues as he sat on death row with his time running out, when a compassionate fosterer looked beyond the surface and saw a cat she needed to save.  Walter was rescued again when a young boy knew Walter was the cat for him.

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Anakin the Two Legged Kitten, Playing in the Hallway & Meeting Trixie

In a heartwarming and fun video, Anakin lives and plays with utter joy as he explores the world outside her little nest. The rescued miracle kitten born without a pelvis and hind legs is now ready to leave the security of the bathroom for the big wide world of the hallway. Freedom, toys, and friends are fun! Read more

Wordless Wednesday 66

Lorenzo the Maine Coon Cat is subject and muse for photographer Joann Biondi. Read more

Anonymous Donor Helps Injured Kitten

A woman has stepped forward to pay for Tuffy to see an eye specialist. The kitten was found in a dumpster earlier this month with paint poured in his eyes. He had been making a good recovery but is now facing a setback with his vision. Read more

Back Scratcher.

Kitty gets that hard to reach spot. Read more

Tiny Kitten Up and Down the Stairs

Going up and down the stairs never looked so cute. Read more

Folded Forefoot of Maru 2

Maru is poetry in motion, as he lifts a little paw before his jumps. Read more

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