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Jack The Traveling Cat

Jack is a two year old grey tabbly who enjoys a cat-about-town lifestyle with his petdad and constant companion Peter Pasquale. Peter travels for his work but, thanks to Jack, always feels at home.

Peter Pasquale’s daughter rescued Jack two years ago when he was a kitten she brought home from a party where he was being abused.
Peter says that within three days, he had bonded with the kitten, and Jack had himself a new home and family.

Jack does not spend much time at home, though, because he has become Peter’s constant companion. Jack is a traveling consultant who teaches companies how to use digitized medical record systems, and he spends several months at each job. With Jack at his side, Peter feel less disconnected from his home life and the pair appear to enjoy a happy life together out and about and on the road.

Jack wears a harness and leash when out, and also has his soft sided carrier should he need a place to retreat to.

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    June 4, 2012 3:23 pmPosted 3 years ago
    Nancy Robison

    totally cool!!!!


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