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Corky Gets Wheels

Corky, the world famous special needs kitty from CATS Cradle Shelter, received the Corkymobile, a wheelchair cart from K9 Carts, yesterday. The cart will help Corky to get around and to build muscle strength and help him learn to walk on his own.

Corky became well known after CATS Cradle Shelter of Fargo, ND saved his life when he was at risk for euthanization due to Bilateral Arthrogryposis of the Tarsus, a birth defect that left him with backwards-facing and crisscrossed back legs. A groundbreaking surgery tailored to his needs completely re-formed Corky’s hind legs and brought him international press. Unfortunately, one leg had to be amputated, so the current plan is for Corky to complete a months long healing process from his surgeries as he learns to walk.

Corky had another big change in his life as he joined the household of CATS Cradle “Mommy” Gail Ventzke. Corky now divides his time between the shelter and his new home. He has spent his time in recent weeks getting settled in and meeting his new cat and dog siblings.

This week Corky was fitted for and received the “Corkymobile”, a specially fitted little wheeled cart provided by K9 Carts.

For more background, see our earlier stories on Corky. You can follow Corky at his Corky Facebook page.

Corky is measured for his new wheels.

On Monday of this week Corky was measured for his customized cart while having his checkup with Dr. Burchill.  K9 Carts made the cart to specifications after receiving Corky’s measurements, then shipped it out the following day.

Corky will begin by using the cart on four wheels, to help him build core strength and muscle in his lover body. As  Corky builds strength, the front wheels can be gradually raised until he is able to keep his spine straight without their help. Eventually, the front wheels will be removed.

Dr. Burchill has advised Corky’s caretakers that this plan is the best option to help Corky build strength and learn to walk and to straighten his spine.  The process is expected to go gradually, over time.

Corky’s lightweight custom made cart arrived yesterday, and he was expected to try it on today while visiting Dr. Burchill.  Corky will be introduced to his cart for short intervals at first, which will be extended under Dr. Burchill’s supervision.



Corky’s wheels


Video from earlier this week: Corky Ventures Out. Here we see Corky, as he maneuvers his way through the house. The video demonstrates Corky’s need for the little wheeled cart during his recover from his surgeries, and as he learns to walk.

“Corky decided to come out of his room and check out his surroundings, he met Oliver along the way, who is my 15 year old who was a feral…the last furbro for Corky to be introduced to. You can see by how chill Oliver is that he has learned that in mommies business, he had to get used to unfamiliar faces coming and going. Uncanny how much Corky looks like Oliver.”

Corky the cradle cat plays hide and seek with Bella: Corky has started to love to play hide and seek with Bella; he initiates this very often and seems to look for her if she gets board and leaves. (Please note: The contest mentioned in the video is over.)

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    May 27, 2012 3:44 amPosted 3 years ago

    Please keep updating Corky’s progress. I’m happy to hear that he’s come so far already. I’m proud of you Corky!


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