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Mother's Day Special: Interview With The Furball Fables Kitties & Happy Mother's Day From the Cats To You

The Furball Fables kitties gave us an exclusive interview about life with Mom that we’re running with their wonderful 2011 video Happy Mother’s Day, From the Cats To You. Please also visit today’s video post That’s What Moms Do – Furball Fables .

The Furball Fables kitties took a few moments from their busy video production schedule to chat with us about life with their petmom, video creator Chase Holiday, as everyone’s thoughts turn to Mom at Mother’s Day.

We are huge fans of The Furball kitties and their wonderful petmom, video creator Chase Holiday, who shares her life with cats with the world through her work. In this Q&A we learn a bit more of the inside scoop on life with Mom.

Who is the favorite?
Merlin – I am, I heard her says I was the cutest!
All cats at the same time ; she said that about me, I’m her favorite!

Who gets in to the most trouble?
Everyone – YOGI!
Yogi – Can I help it if “Bad boy” is my middle name!

Can humans be Cat Moms?
Fairy Princess – of course! In nature you see this all the time!
Buddha – I stayed with my birth mom the longest (3 months) and then my new mom adopted me and she is a wonderful mom and I love my brothers and sister!
Elfin – I only know Chase as my mommy, she understands me.
Merlin – we were adopted when we were one month old.

Why do you call her the human?
Merlin – I think Yogi started that.

Do you like making youtube videos with your Mom?
Elfin – Yes, if she plays with us.
Merlin – Yes and no, only if I am in the mood.
Buddha – I don’t think most people realize how much work it is.
Yogi – She spends alot of time making the video’s and it can be very exciting to see what’s she has planned!
Fairy – I like the sets and the tents she makes out of pretty fabric!

Did you all get in trouble on facebook?
(see Facebook Parenting: For Troubled Teen Cats – Furball Fables}
Merlin – We got grounded yes.
Buddha – It was all Yogi’s fault.
Yogi – Let’s not go there… or else

What do you do with mom for fun?
Merlin – We love to hang out in the living room with her. That’s where all the toys are and she plays with us!
Elfin – She has the toys hidden and then she takes some out. It’s really fun!
Buddha – I love it when she moves things and around and make play houses for us.
Fairy – I love hanging on our catio in the sunshine while she reads.

Is there sibling rivalry for mom’s attention?
Everyone – YES!
Buddha – Yogi thinks he owns her.
Yogi – I do, she’s mine and I don’t like to share!
Merlin – I am top cat and her lap is mine, but then Fairy always has to try and work her way on her lap too and ends up on me.
Elfin – I only visit on the bed when Yogi is elsewhere.
Fairy – We cuddle every night!

Do you all pile on her bed when she goes to sleep?
Yogi – I sleep on the bed every night.
Merlin – The rest of us sleep elsewhere unless it’s cold. Then we all cuddle together at the end of the bed. Mostly in the winter.

Who’s job is it to get her up in the morning to serve breakfast?
Merlin – It is my job to get her up, so WE can eat. She drinks coffee in the morning. If she sleeps in, then it is my job to meow and do the stare in the face thing, which she hates. If that doesn’t work, then I start jumping over her in the bed. Back and forth. Since I am a very big cat, this always works, cause she wakes up and I keep her awake! Then I am relentless until she feeds US breakfast!

What do you love about mom? what makes her special?
Fairy – She loves us and is delighted by everything we do!
Elfin – She does her best taking care of us and that is not always an easy job.
Merlin – She makes big sacrifices for us. She will buy us food and litter before feeding herself.
Yogi – We have expensive tastes and she spoils us!
Buddha – She is such a good person! I am proud to call her my mom!

What are you doing for Mother’s Day?
Yogi – We are going to look especially cute that day!
Merlin – And we will hang out in bed with her in the morning.
Fairy – I am giving her a mouse!
Elfin – I’m giving her Pom Pom’s on her pillow!
Buddha – Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful cats mom’s!


Happy Mother’s Day, From the Cats To You – Furball Fables



The Fuball kitties have been featured in over 75 videos to date. Their most widely viewed video so far has been Cats Vs Bubble Wrap.

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