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Kitten Marshmallow - The Art of Roughhousing (Weeks 8 & 9)

Over the past couple of weeks, Marshmallow has picked up the art of roughhousing, with MaMa Mochi as her primary target.

Just watching her interacting with Mochi is a spectacle in itself, as Mochi tries to match Marshy’s adrenaline. With her baby around, Mochi has shown flashes of kittenhood again, with a renewed sense of play and curiosity. Through play, Marshy develops a stronger bond with not only mama, but also her humans. She especially loves to go after Mochi’s tail as it teasingly swings back and forth. After what seems like a never-ending play session, Marshy retires into a long nap.

During weeks 8-9, Marshmallow’s weight broke the 1-kg mark. She celebrated by downing more food in between helpings of kitten milk and play. She also received her first set of vaccinations.

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