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Firefighters Try to Rescue Cat Stuck Up Utility Pole With Doritos Bag on Its Head

Looking at the video, it is hard to image how the cat got up the pole with its head in the bag. He fell to the ground at the moment of rescue but is said to be ok.

St. Petersburg firefighters came to help a cat stuck sitting 20 feet up a pole with a Doritos bag on its head, when a concerned neighborhood resident saw him and called. The cat was in danger sitting up so high with its head covered, surrounded by live wires. The Fire Department brought a cherry picker and raised it level with the top of the pole, but, at the moment of rescue, the cat panicked and jumped from the firefighter’s arms, then fell to the ground and ran off into a neighboring yard. He is said to be ok, but there is no word on whether he was examined for injuries.

Below is a news report from the local ABC affiliate. Underneath the report is a video of the raw footage from the scene, with written commentary.

Unfortunately, the raw footage video has a meowing cat soundtrack with sound effects. It does show the scene and include some commentary.

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    April 29, 2012 9:15 amPosted 3 years ago
    Nancy Robison

    I wonder who chased him up that pole. poor bubbie. I guess he got the bag stuck on his head and freaked out. at least someone tried to do the right thing


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