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Corky Makes Great Progress and His Story Spreads

Corky’s fame spread beyond animal lovers today, when his story was featured in major general interest national news media outlets. He’s making great progress walking and moving his legs.

We’ve covered Corky’s story over the last month, as he went from newly rescued special needs kitten to a beloved young cat who’s had a remarkable and life-changing surgery, and has loving caregivers and thousands of friends.

Corky was saved from euthanasia by CATS Cradle of Fargo, ND last month. He was born with Bilateral Arthrogryposis of the Tarsus, which left him with backwards facing, crisscrossed legs. Though he got around with great speed and confidence despite not being able to walk, jump or climb, CATS Cradle consulted with specialists to see what could be done to help Corky. Dr. Burchill, of Casselton Veterinary Services devised a special surgery just for Corky and effected a remarkable transformation, where the little cat’s legs were turned the right way and held in place with pins.

Due to post surgical complications that required a second surgery, and to Corky’s physical therapy and recovery needs, he remains in the hospital over two weeks after the surgery. Graft surgery this week has further extended his stay. Physical therapy includes hydrotherapy and acupuncture along with practice in walking. The ChipIn for Corky’s medical care remains open for at least another week to help raise funds for continued care and extended hospital stay.

In the six days since our last post on Corky, he has come a long way. He’s walking better and moving his hind legs to a degree his doctors and caregivers find encouraging. His future has been decided now, too. Corky will not be adopted out. he will remain with his CATS Cradle caregivers. He will spend his days at the shelter and his nights with Gail Ventzke. CATS Cradle hopes to have Corky certified as a therapy pet who can provide comfort to people recovering from surgery.

Corky’s friends and caregivers are excited today, with the publication of profiles at an ABC News blog and HLN. The ABC story also appeared on the Yahoo Homepage. Corky’s Facebook page, where updates allow supporters to follow his progress, has nearly 3,000 fans now, up from less than 1,000 a week ago.

Anyone interested in donating toward corky’s medical care can use the ChipIn Widget at the CATS Cradle website.

The following videos from CATS Cradle, show the amazing progress Corky has made from pulling himself along and dragging his hind legs, to actually walking and lying down and picking up a leg to groom.

Corky Walks, uploaded 4/19.

Corky Lies Down, Uploaded 4/19.

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    April 21, 2012 6:40 amPosted 3 years ago

    Keep up the good work Corky! You look great!


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