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AniMeals Food Bank Distributes 22 Ton Pet Food Donation

The Missoula, Montana animal food bank program received and distributed a huge donation last weekend, which benefits pets, their families, and shelters alike.

Purina and food bank and no-kill adoption center AniMeals partnered last weekend to help animals and their families. Purina delivered 22 tons of cat food and litter from Indiana to Missoula, MT on Saturday morning. AniMeals then distributed the donation to shelters cross the US Northwest.
Jessie Rogers, speaking for AniMeals noted that the donation will help shelters in their efforts to feed animals in need, saying “They won’t have to spend money, they won’t have to do food drives to drum up lots of food and try and save all these animals. It’s a really circle. What it saves is a bit of everything. People have flocked here today, they are very thankful and it’s great to see.”

Requests for food and litter outstripped the quantities, and the 22 ton donation , while a great help, was not enough to fill the need.

You can visit AniMeals at their website (link above) and at their AniMeals Missoula Facebook page.




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