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Iraqi Kitty Rejoins Her Soldier Petmom For a New Life in the US

Taji is beginning a new life in Texas with Army Major Idamaria Hillkjonaas, thanks to a friend in Ohio and help from SPCA International. Taji was found as a 5 week old kitten in Iraq last July by soldiers who knew that Idamaria would adopt her. She has been staying in Ohio since October, and flew to Texas yesterday with Idamaria.

In looking back to the time when Taji was found, as a tiny kitten, Idamaria says, “I told them [the soldiers who found her] immediately that I don’t want to see the cat, because I knew I would want to rescue her, but then I did see her and she was really playful, a really sweet animal, and I couldn’t see leaving Iraq and leaving her there

Idamaria’s friend Marie Haberstroh, of Liberty, Ohio contacted SPCA International, and volunteers from the organization arrived at the Army base in Iraq 23 days later to transport Taji to the US. Taji stayed with Marie, along with Idamarie’s 4 other cats, since last October. Marie notes that caring for the cats is one way to show support for deployed soldiers.

Idamarie is back from Iraq and stopped in Ohio before she and her cats were scheduled to travel to Fort Hood, Texas yesterday. Idamarie says her fellow soldiers are all looking forward to seeing Taji again.

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