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Archive for March 2012

Fresh Step Introduces Organic Bacon Scented Litter

Local News 7 reports on the latest product to embrace the bacon trend: Fresh Step Organic Bacon cat litter. Reporter Tracy Blackburn test drives the new product with her cat Huggles.
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Cat Explores the Bag

The Sled Riding Cat

Another difference between cats and dogs. The cat rides in the sled instead of pulling it.
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Child Rescues Cat From Abusive Household

Figaro escaped an abusive home and will get a new life thanks to the compassion and bravery of a child also living in that abusive home. The child rescued the injured cat and raced to a neighbor ‘s house for help.
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Joplin Humane Society Sponsorship Program in the Spotlight

Joplin Humane Society’s successful cat and dog sponsorship program, begun in response to the extended aftermath for homeless pets following the May 22, 2011 tornado, is featured in a new NBC News report.
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Baby Chick Irritates Grumpy Cat

The kitty from Baby Chick Falls Asleep on Cat and  Camouflaged Chick is not in the mood for snuggles this time around.
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Playtime means acrobatic leaps in this session with the Nyanta cats.
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From Outrage to Action: Arrangements Made to Help Displaced Loews Cats

Cat lovers took note when Loews Orlando hotels quietly announced this week that they’d follow through on their unpopular plan to remove formerly welcome feral cats from their property. Now rescuers are working with animal control to save the cats’ lives.

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PA Senate Unanimous in Vote to Outlaw Gassing of Companion Animals

Pennsylvania appears to be on its way to banning the use of gas chambers on cats and dogs in shelters. After 48-0 passage by the Senate, attention turns to the House, where the bill is said to have strong support.

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Texas Woman Wants Change in State Law After Incident With Her Cat

Rainy Day sits in quarantine after an accidental and minor scratch given to his petmom, who feared he’d be taken away due to an over-reaching state law dealing with public health.

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Funny Cats Again: A Lolcats Compilation

Scaredy Cat

Pum’kin gives Storm a bit of a scare. Petmom Jen says she could hear the Jaws theme in her head as she watched the scene unfold.
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