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Archive for February 2012

Family of Haze, Cat Shot By Police, Seek Change With Petition

We covered the story of the pampered house cat summarily shot by a Lebanon, OH policeman in response to a call about a supposed stray, last August. Haze asks WHY DID THE POLICE SHOOT ME? in the petition started last month. His family and supporters seek change so that what happened to Haze will not happen again.

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Baby Gizmo

This sweet video introduces baby kitten Gizmo,  who found a loving home after being abandoned.
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Gizmo, in Box Crazy

PETA Uses Caboodle Seizure in its Campaign to Defeat Florida's Animal Rescue Act

A message from the desk of Daphna Nachminovitch, VP of the Cruelty Investigations Department at PETA uses the high profile Caboodle seizure to smear rescuers and urge supporters to kill a bill that would help save the lives of shelter animals.
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Wordless Wednesday 50

Cat is Watching "Star Wars"

CA Bill Would Further the Protection of Cats from Declawing

Eight localities in CA have already banned declawing. A newly introduced bill would prevent the state’s landlords from setting declawing and devocalization requirements for prospective tenants with pets, if passed.

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Caboodle Ranch Seizure Update

Heavy rains hampered removal of cats from the Caboodle sanctuary yesterday, but crews are back on the scene today. Officials say there were about 700 cats on the property.
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Rossi Comes Home After 100 Mile Stowaway Trip

Rossi’s family made posters and tracked him down after he made a nearly 100 miles journey as a stowaway in a moving van.

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Cute Kitten "Meowrice" vs The Leaves

Cat Goes for a Swim in the Sea

Bright Eyed Kitten

Kitty is a nimble little climber.
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