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Archive for December 2011

Shorty at Night, Human's Delight

Night vision action with Shorty the Cat. Read more

Lovey is saved by the stranger who accidentally struck her with his car

The man who accidentally struck Lovey took her to the vet and paid for surgery to remove an injured leg. His decent act helped bring Lovey back to the little boy who loves her. Read more

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop: Buddy and the TP

Cat paws under the door never get old do they? Read more

Adam is rescued after living for 3 months at a busy highway interchange

Adam was rescued after living for at least three months on a patch of green in the middle of a busy Minnesota highway interchange. Read more

Arizona Humane Society faces outrage and institutes changes after Daniel Dockery's cat Scruffy is euthanized

A heart tugging story from last week became tragically sad when it was revealed that Daniel Dockery’s beloved cat Scruffy had been euthanized rather than treated as promised by the Arizona Humane Society. A public outcry has caused AHS to apologize and change their policies. Read more

Cat vs. Ferret

It appears cats and ferrets have a similar play style. Read more

Oskar the Blind Kitten & Klaus: Feline Bromance in Omaha

Oskar and Klaus have become inseparable. They spend all day either cuddled up together sleeping, or playing together, or eating out of the same bowl. Read more

Ted Brady speaks: Pikachu is FOUND - This is the happiest moment of my life

Many wondered where Ted Brady was yesterday when his beloved kitty Pika was found, and why no one had heard from him all day. He has since posted his thoughts at his web page and in a new video shown here. Read more

Wordless Wednesday #42

Wordless Wednesday Read more

Gourmet Cat

Gourmet cat is livin’ good. Read more

Pikachu is found; Travelling Kitty is grounded

The four month old traveling kitty who went missing two weeks ago has been found. He is at least temporarily forbidden to travel, on doctor’s orders. Read more

Tips to Have a Happy Cat

Alana Stevenson, cat behaviorist, provides tips to have a happy cat. Read more

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