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Public adopts animals out of disgraced Humane Society as new shelter is set up

Residents of Padukah KY and the surrounding area have come out to adopt cats and dogs from the McCracken County Humane Society, and the community is setting up a new county shelter, after a MHS whistleblower staffer presented disturbing cell phone video detailing cruel killing practices at the shelter to the County Sheriff’s Department on November 18. Brief segments of the video were shown on a local TV news report, and the station made a longer video available on its website.

We have viewed the video but will not post it here.

The shelter’s Animal Euthanasia Specialist Beau Anderson is charged in the matter. The McCracken County Attorney was initially reported as saying that while the Director has an ethical obligation to proper practices, neither the director not other staffers can be charged. In recent days, however, it has been suggested by the Sheriff’s office that others may be charged. Whistleblower Jeremiah Robertson continued in his employment after turning over the incriminating video and told a reporter that in response to his actions, Director Shirley Grimes created a new rule, no cell phones at work. Director Grimes has since announced her resignation, which she will present to the board of directors at their next meeting, in early December.

Jeremiah Robertson said he resorted to making secret video when his attempts to address the inhumane killing practices with other staffers and higher-ups were ignored.

As a result of  the video and charges, the McCracken Humane Society announced that they were no longer accepting nor “euthanizing” animals. It was reported that they took several cats to a vet and had them killed there, though; reportedly due to respiratory infections. At least the cats will have had an easier and more respectful end at the vet, we presume.

Between the publicity from continuing local TV news coverage and a Facebook page dedicated to the plight of the animals and the situation at the shelter, members of the community showed up  to rescue the animals remaining at the Humane Society after the scandal went public. As of Saturday evening, November 26, 23 dogs and 8 adoptable cats remained at the shelter. One cat deemed feral and unadoptable and others considered sick also remain, for now.

The County plans to operate an animal shelter going forward and has a temporary facility set up as a permanent shelter is readied. Facebook page Occupy McCracken County Humane Society is now the locus for much of the community planning effort to establish the new and humane shelter for the area’s animals.

Video with adopters coming to adopt animals out of the old, tarnished shelter.


Video feature on the new shelter, which also touches on the case regarding the MHS.

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    November 28, 2011 7:43 amPosted 2 years ago

    You know, reading all the stories on cruel and truly heartless people, I am getting more and more disapointed in humans. And then a story like this. You would expect a shelter to be there for the animals, saving them from the bad people… Shame.

  • Visit site
    November 28, 2011 7:05 pmPosted 2 years ago
    G M

    “Humane” Society….?!? Uh…I don’t think so…there is something wrong with this picture! Disgusting!!!!


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