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Archive for July 2011

Kitten vs Two Scary Things

In the tradition of Kitten vs A Scary Thing, high drama ensues. Read more

Cool Cat Tricks!

Beautiful Kaiser demonstrates several of his tricks. Read more

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Scrabble Cat

Just don’t let him keep score. Read more

Kitten With Imperfect Understanding Of Body Language Plays With Cat's Tail

Fluffy ginger kitten cannot resist the lure of the switching tail. Read more

Crystal and Her Babies Help in Plea to Change Practices at Hamilton ON Animal Control

A concerned woman pulled Crystal from Animal Control just before her babies were born. She fostered the little family and made two videos with them to try to get people’s attention and give more cats and dogs a chance at life. Read more

WGN Listeners Raise $23,000 To Replace Chicago Animal League AC Units in 2.5 Hours

WGN radio host John Williams’s on air fund drive raised $23,000 yesterday to replace AC units stolen from the Chicago Animal League facility on June 30, with donations big and small coming in for two and a half hours. The group can replace the units and install security equipment with the money. The amount raised is over $29,000 at this writing. Read more

REALLY Relaxed Ragdoll

Notice the right ear is always aware…… Read more

Cats Provide Companionship and Inspiration to Cancer Patients

The extraordinary bond between humans and cats can be amplified when a life-threatening illness enters the picture. Chuck and Luke each have a story that clearly demonstrates the ability of our feline companions to inspire us and sometimes just help us get through a day. Read more

Winston Takes Care of Zeke

Winston the cat gives loving care to his dear doggie brother Zeke, who’s just gotten home from a trip to the vet. Zeke is allergic to certain grasses and received steroid and benadryl shots for a case of hives. Now he’s being comforted and getting that vet smell cleaned off of him. Read more

Adoption Offers Pour In For Russian Blue Kitten Thrown From Car on Verrazano Bridge

An animal control worker rescued this darling Russian Blue kitten tossed from a moving car on the Verrazano bridge on Saturday. The kitten is expected to find a good home with one of the many people who have offered to adopt him. News video shows the cute kitten, who is seemingly unaffected by his brush with danger. Read more

Felony Charge Looms If Cat Died From Heroin Smoke

Irresponsible is the kindest word for this woman’s actions if they are in fact as described. Police responding to a domestic disturbance call found Muffin the cat in distress and, while several people tried to help, the cat later died. The boyfriend says the woman blew heroin smoke in Muffin’s face. Read more

"Hold Still!"

Kitty’s tail has a mind of its own. Read more

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