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Archive for July 2011

Passing of Award-Winning Feline Composer

The world of piano-playing cats lost an award-winning composer on Wednesday of last week when Ketzel (Yiddish for “cat”) passed away at the age of 19. Read more

Piled Paws Balance Orange

How does he get them to stay like that?? Read more

Phew! Kitten Safely Rescued From Ireland's Busiest Roadway

In a concerted effort, police and the media helped the DSPCA today when a frightened kitten was reported to be cowering by a road barrier on the M50, Dublin’s busiest motorway. “Freeway” is now safe and getting some calming rest with his rescuer Lisa, seen with him in the photo. Read more

Missing Cat Returns 75 Days After Alabama Tornado

Rascal’s family was stunned to find their cat, missing since the April 27 tornado that destroyed their home, sitting under their truck and looking much the worse for wear on July 11, 75 days later. Read more

Fluffy Kitten And A Box

This awesome little video of a wee Scottish Fold kitten and a tiny box has been burning up the internet in the last couple of days. It’s easy to understand why. Read more

Wordless Wednesday

Yoga Break! Read more

Dexter Takes A Vacation

Little Dexter kitten is seen here playing with some new friends he met while vacationing in Largo FL while receiving laser treatments. He is his usual spunky self at play with two dogs, and he looks better and better every time we see him. At this point he can give any famed video star cat a run for his money! Read more

Bernice Burned Kitty Fights Back and Holds her Own

Bernice was in pretty rough shape after being found last week with burns over 40% of her body, but she’s a determined little fighter with a strong spirit. The community of Oshkosh WI, and the greater community of animal lovers at large are pulling for her and sending love and prayers, and donations for her care. Read more

So True!

The pillow says it all. Read more

Low-Cost Vet Clinic Makes Giant Impact in Community

All pets deserve the right to receive quality veterinary care, regardless of their family’s financial situation. In 2009, 53-year-old Julia Russill made this possible in Douglas County, Oregon. Read more

Kitty Workout Session: Ear Calisthenics

Kitty gets help with a little workout session to keep those ears in shape. Read more

8 Year Old Dylan Raises Money For Clover, Kitten Thrown From Car

8 year old Dylan Darrenogue was deeply touched by a news story on Clover, an abused kitten in the care of K. A. Animal Rescue in Dayton NV, so he decided to do something to help. Read more

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