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Archive for July 2011

Cats Left Behind at Singapore Train Station

On July 1st, the Tanjong Pagar Railway station in Singapore closed its doors, leaving behind 50 cats that were previously cared for by railway workers and tenants. One organization is working to make sure the deserted felines are not forgotten. Read more

Small Tortie vs. Big Tortie

Cute persistent kitten finally wins Queen of the Chair status, as the videographer suggests, but playtime with Mama is the real prize. Read more

3 Kittens Safe After New Rochelle NY Shed Fire

This trio was found and rescued by firefighters after a shed fire was extinguished in the wee hours on Wednesday. They’re at the Humane Society now and will be looking for homes once they are old enough and healed. Read more

♪ Walking For Kisses ♪ The Ballad of Pork Chop ♪

You may have seen Pork Chop’s smash hit video Walking for Kisses; here’s the music video for Walking for Kisses: The Ballad of Pork Chop, with scenes from his greatest hits. Caution: Song sticks in head. Read more

Kitten vs Baby: Friends at Play

Otherwise, this video of two babies playing could be called Kitten vs A Not At All Scary Thing. These two make wonderful playmates and, though kitty pounces and attacks, she is careful not to scratch. Read more

She Who Does Not Play

8 year old Maggie has never been one to play. Perhaps she is above such things. Read more

The "Little Rescue That Could" Wins Pepsi Grant

A tiny rescue organization on the western edge of Victoria Island, Canada, started a nationwide campaign to win one of Pepsi’s $10K grants to help their overcrowded shelter…and won. Read more

Princess and the Close Call

Princess had very unpleasant time of it when she accidentally went through the wash but her mom rushed her to the emergency vet and now she is fine. Read more

Jack is Back: Cat Returns Home 78 Days After Alabama Tornadoes

Jack is the third missing Alabama tornado cat to return home in recent days. We don’t know if you’re getting tired of these stories, but we’re not. Each return is a triumph, and a return to safety, comfort and happiness for a little being; and a beloved family member found amid great loss. Read more

Wordless Wednesday

I swear I had it! Read more

Handsy Cat

Imagine if they really had hands….. Read more

Bernice Gets Her Groove Back ... Or Begins To

Bernice has made remarkable progress in the two short weeks since she was found severely burned on the street in Oshkosh WI. It was not known at first whether she could be saved, and now she is eating, showing lots of spunk and even going out for a bit of fresh air. Read more

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