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Archive for May 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Please pass the sunscreen! Read more

Don't Mind the Blinds!

Kitten bats the slats and makes a grand appearance. Read more

Joplin Tornado Pet Rescue Efforts Underway: From The Missouri Humane Society to Facebook

Pet rescue efforts began almost immediately after a stunningly destructive tornado struck Joplin Missouri on Sunday night, flattening a thousand homes and killing well over a hundred people. The Humane Society of Missouri is the chief organization taking charge of operations, with several other organizations and veterinary services contributing to the massive effort. Social media efforts, predominantly via Facebook, are helping, too. Read more

Thanks to Stranger's Kindness, Woman and Cat are Reunited

Last October, Diane Kerhulas was moving with her family from Hood River, OR to Spokane, WA when she became separated from one of her very best friends. Read more

Joplin MO Kitten Rescue Caught On Video

There’s something touching and hopeful about seeing this tiny kitten cradled safely against her rescuer amid the terrible destruction. The moment is captured on video as a search and rescue team hears kitty’s mews coming from the giant piles of rubble and detritus left by the powerful tornado that devastated Joplin MO on Sunday. Read more

Grooming Session

Who needs a flea comb when you have a monkey friend? Read more

Veterinary Relief Underway In Deadly Tornado's Wake

We offer a reprint here of a timely report from the Veterinary Information Network on animal services and rescue operations, as well as lost and found pages and resources, in the immediate aftermath of the devastating Joplin MO tornado of May 22. Read more

Kittens In My Head!

The title says it all; YouTube dog star Moki has mewing kittens in her head and we enjoy watching what that does to her in this reaction video to Cats and Kittens Meowing, included as a bonus video. Read more

Kansas Tornado Mobilizes Rescue Efforts For A Town's Cats and Dogs

A tornado that devastated a Kansas town this past Saturday night has state, county and local resources mobilized to rescue and and provide sanctuary for cats, dogs and other animals separated from their families by the chaotic and overpowering event. Read more

Interesting Facts About Cat Eyes

There’s a lot going on in the windows to kitty’s soul. Read more

Authorities Halt Man's Plans to Kill Pets Before Rapture

On Friday night, official seized one cat and two birds from a Sonoma County man who was attempting to euthanize them prior to Saturday’s predicted “Rapture.” Read more

Bow; Life Of A Stray

Looking better and on the mend. Bow, the Grand Rapids, Michigan cat pierced by an arrow earlier this month has come a long way toward healing and recovery, as seen in this new photo. As his medical history is discovered and shared, though, we get a better understanding of the life of this little stray who has become so well known. Read more

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