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Archive for May 2011

Cat mom hugs baby kitten

Mama kitty hugs her adorable sleeping kitten at nap time. Catmom hugs baby kitten was the most watched animal video of 2011, with YouTube calculating that it received over 39 million views. It was uploaded on May 26; we posted it on May 27. Read more

Japanese Cat Cafes: Coffee and a Cuddle

The first cat cafe opened its doors in Osaka, Japan in 2004. Since then, their popularity has grown and now these feline-friendly establishments are all the rage in Tokyo. Read more

Max and the Little Trains

Thanks to cat loving model train buff Anthony Holmes for sharing this video of a fellow train enthusiast’s coffee table N Scale train layout and the cat who really, really wants to get at it. Read more

Cat Lost, Cat Found Amid Joplin Tornado Wreckage

Carrie Clark and her cat Tucker sit reunited in the remains of their destroyed apartment in Joplin, MO yesterday, moments after he was found. Read more

Want To Help Joplin Pets? Amazon Wishlist Sends Needed Supplies Directly To Joplin Humane Society

The Joplin Humane society has emerged as a primary player in the emergency animal relief effort for pets affected by the enormously destructive tornado that separated hundreds of animals from their families. While help has come from many directions, this Amazon wish list is a marvelous way to get the JHS exactly what they need in a very efficient manner. Read more

Sanrio Plans Hello Kitty Park in China

Hello Kitty is packing up her hair bows and heading all the way from Japan to China for an all-ages amusement park extravaganza! Read more

Hidey Hole

It’s a little like the the Trojan Horse. (or not) Read more

Whitney: From Injury and Homelessness to Hope and Healing

Our Cat of the Week Whitney is another girl who made her way to safety and sanctuary at Hillside SPCA in Pottsville PA after getting a rough start in life. Like her friend Iris, Whitney has found loving care and healing there and and is ready for a good life from now on. Read more

Pet-Friendly Colleges Help Students Feel Connected and Comfortable

It can be a difficult adjustment for high school graduates to leave the nest and set up housekeeping in a tiny dorm room. Thankfully, some colleges allow students to share their new home with a pet. Read more

Do Cats And Dogs Drink The Same Way? Slo Mo Video And Researchers Say Yes

A story in the news this week says that contrary to what most of us have thought and prior research has suggested, cats and dogs drink they same way. See these slo mo videos of both at the water bowl for comparison. Read more


This Sphynx really wants out. Read more

Conservationist Accused of Attempted Cat Murder

Dr. Nico Dauphene finds herself in hot water as she stands accused of poisoning community cats. Read more

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