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Archive for May 2011

Firefighters Take Apart Car To Rescue Kitten

Santa Ana, CA firefighters dismantled a car yesterday to remove a tiny kitten trapped in the vehicle’s fender well. Read more

Fennec Receives a Foxy Bath

Giant ears require lots of extra cleaning! Read more

Kitty vs. Kleenex

Don’t worry, they remove it. Read more

Sunday Funny: Now We Know What Happens To All Those Lost Collars

Ever wonder what your cat is doing with all those “lost” collars? Finally, we get some answers. Read more

He's a Kitten, He's Cute, He's Standing in the Window

Cute kitten looking out the window. Read more

Alley Cat Allies Petitions Smithsonian To Remove Accused Cat Poisoner From National Zoo's Migratory Bird Center

Alley Cat Allies has started a petition asking the National Zoo to remove accused cat poisoner Nico Dauphine from her position at the Smithsonian’s Migratory Bird Center. Her work includes tracking feral cats. Read more

These Patterns are Fur Real!

Some cats have stripes and spots…others have hearts and mustaches. Read more

"I will spin it myself!"

If only he could be on the other end too. Read more

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/Cat Goes Crazy for Ringtone

Can you hear me now? Read more

Cuban Blues

If Angel Uriarte Rubio and the Cuban Association of Cat Enthusiasts have their way this beautiful cat and others like him will be designated a new and separate breed of cat, the Cuban Blue. Read more

Kitty, Exactly Where DO You Go When You're Outside?

A study in The Journal of Wildlife Management meant to provide background data for those opposed to free roaming cats, especially ferals, comes up with some interesting results on where and how far kitty is going when you let him out for the day. While your house cat may be exploring farther than you think, his neighborhood is smaller than that of his feral brethren. Read more

Pavlovian Response

Even chubby cats can be quick on their feet. (well, maybe not that third kitty) Read more

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